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 The General Store Postacard

The Love INC General Store

Did you know the two resale stores of Love INC are staffed by one Store Director who is in charge of both stores and 2 part-time people at each store. . . that is it!   Also, did you know, the proceeds from our stores are used to off-set the cost of running run both Homeless Shelters (Hope House and Harbor Hall).   This is amazing considering we currently have 17 people living in both locations and this ministry does not generate income of any kind and does not receive government funding.    The re-sale stores are a huge part of allowing our homeless shelters to be successful. To be part of this success and keep us moving forward, we are in need of a few things and are looking to you.   Currently we have approximately 60 volunteers between the two stores and many are heading south for the winter. 

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 Let the Feinstein Foundation match your donation  

Every Dollar or Food item donated between March 1st and April 30th will be  will

be eligible for a partial match by the Feinstein Foundation.

Donate here by clicking on the heart on the right or Donations can be dropped off 1106 Fulton Street, Grand Haven


Love INC joins the Feinstein Foundation in the 2014 $1 Million Giveaway Challenge to Fight Hunger.


Alan Shawn Feinstein is a nationally known philanthropist and humanitarian who established The Feinstein Foundation in Rhode Island in 1991. One of the main goals of the Feinstein Foundation is dedicated to the alleviation of hunger in the United States. For the past 16 years, Alan Feinstein, has challenged hunger fighting agencies nationwide to take the Feinstein $1 Million Giveaway Challenge. Each year the challenge takes place from March 1st to April 30th and Tri Cities Love, INC recently learned of this great opportunity and is participating for the second year. Our pantries are in need now more than ever and what a great way to drive local donations and get an added bonus of funds for our pantries donated to Love, INC from outside our community.


The more donations that Love INC receives during this time, the larger Match we will receive from The Feinstein Foundation. Donations consist of cash, checks and food items. Each food item donated is valued at $1.00 per item or pound toward the challenge. Donations can be dropped off at 1106 Fulton Street Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00pm, Thursdays until 8:00 pm and Saturdays 9am-noon. Donors need to specify their donation is for the Feinstein Foundation Challenge so Love INC can include it in the challenge. The Feinstein Foundation will give away a total of $1 Million dollars to participating agencies across the country. The money is divided proportionately based on the number of participating agencies and the money that each agency raises. The participating agencies will receive a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $35,000.   Last year 1800 agencies participated in the challenge.


To date, the campaign has raised over $2 billion dollars and has become the most successful ongoing campaign ever to fight hunger with over 1800 anti-hunger fighting agencies participating nationwide. Mr. Feinstein plans to have the Foundation continue his campaign indefinitely, as long as its success continues. You can read more about the Feinstein Foundation online at


If you have questions, please contact Jeanette Laarman at 616.846.2701.


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